Karlita’s had its beginning in 2010 when the original founders, Carlos and Lucy Lopez, took a leap of faith and started their small business in the back of a liquor store. The enticing aroma of our food brought customers in to find out where the delicious smell was coming from. With a growing success, the remainder of our family became excited to join our parents. All five children now work alongside our parents, with the eldest, Karla, being the driving force to grow and flourish as a business.


The restaurant was named after the eldest daughter, Karla.

We prepare all our dishes using fresh ingredients to ensure that our customers get the best quality of Mexican food from us. Our recipes are family curated with care to represent what authentic Mexican cuisine tastes like. All of our original recipes are still made by Carlos and Lucy. We try to provide a fun, light atmosphere for all who visit us.


Karlita’s has a home feel, where the staff as well as our customers can find a comfort in our atmosphere. Our owners can be seen working alongside everyone, greeting customers, and ensuring everyone is taken care of. Providing the most authentic Mexican food and products all year round.


We are at a new location in Clovis and we are celebrating 13 years of serving up authentic Mexican flavors and good times. We are so thankful for everyone’s support! As a family we are proud to have come along this far. We started in very humble beginnings, and every achievement thus far has and always will bring us pride and joy for our small business.